Import & Export Practices of Bangladesh

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Import & Export Practices of Bangladesh

A web-based cartographic application that I designed and developed during my graduate studies.

The Challenge
This initiative was designed to improve the user experience on, a key research tool during my graduate studies in economics.
Developed an interactive cartographic dashboard with Carto’s API and displayed pie and bar charts via Google Charts API.
The project’s data was sourced from, and I employed conventional cartography and UX design techniques to transform the data from tables and static charts into an engaging visual interface.

About the Company

This project was created to address some of the user experience challenges of using For example, users have to click multiple times to create a simple geographic visualization of Bangladesh’s trading partners. In this redesigned version of the map, user do not have click as much and can navigate between the maps using the three buttons on the top right. The main goal of this project was to present the users with the option to navigate between Bangladesh’s trade data in a clean and a simple interface.

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