Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing students to be intentional, self-aware, and flexible, equipping them for today's global challenges and opportunities.



Hasin is a globally-minded multidisciplinary creative technologist & educator based in New York City.

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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy focuses on nurturing students to be intentional, self-aware, and flexible, equipping them for today’s global challenges and opportunities.


Executive Summary
As an educator, my approach to teaching is rooted in the belief that education should be purpose-driven, transformative, and reflective of the world we live in. I am committed to developing a curriculum that not only imparts knowledge but also prepares students to apply this knowledge with a greater purpose and long-term goals in mind.

Core Principles

Three pillars of my teaching methodology.
Purpose-Driven Curriculum Development
I strive to lead by example, showcasing world-class models and practices that inspire students to aim for excellence. My course outcomes are carefully designed to align with real-world applications, ensuring that students are equipped to make meaningful contributions to society.
I believe in the potential of each student to achieve greatness. My role is to facilitate this journey of self-discovery, helping students to understand themselves and their unique strengths. Through personalized guidance, I aim to bring out the best in my students, fostering an environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential.
In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial that students grasp the complexities of the present. I prioritize contemporary real-world examples in my teaching, providing a context that is relevant and engaging. By simulating real-world scenarios, I prepare students to navigate and succeed in their professional and personal lives.


Educational institutions where I hold teaching roles.

Parsons School of Design

I instruct a course on effective cross-cultural work, covering intercultural management, teamwork, and global business ethics, and design strategies. Students learn to navigate local markets and international regulations, understanding risks and trade agreements to deliver value to diverse customers worldwide.


As a global educator, I’ve taught over 100 North American students from companies like HP and Walmart, focusing on data storytelling and problem-solving. I mentor a diverse range of professionals through a 6-month course, enhancing their data analytics skills for real-world applications, and partner with institutions like Amazon and UMass for mentorship programs.


I’ve mentored over 60 North American students, teaching global UX design application in personal sessions. Topics include problem-solving, research, UX writing, design principles, and prototyping with tools like Figma, XD, and Axure, preparing students for practical UX challenges.