Hear from the awesome people that I have collaborated with 🙂



Hasin is a globally-minded multidisciplinary creative technologist & educator based in New York City 🗽.

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Hear from the awesome people that I have collaborated with.

Risa Ravitz, M.D.
Hasin is a top-notch developer, designer, and data analytics manager. I have used others and really appreciate his broad birds-eye view of things. I am impressed by his honesty and professionalism. He can see the whole picture to help to manage expectations while maintaining optimism about growth and new strategies for growth. He is very careful with his attention to detail. In addition, he has been managing my social media and has been amazing and professional with creating ideas. I would highly recommend him.
Adrian Mucha
UX Designer, American Express

I had a pleasure to work with Hasin during few business projects. He loves data analysis, design, web development and product management. He is also a master of creating and analyzing surveys. In our last project, Hasin was instrumental in helping our early stage startup navigate and solve a some very challenging problems. He is a great guy with a solid sense of humor and the competence to solve an impressively wide array of challenges.

Stephen Metts
GIS Instructor, The New School

Hasin is a former student of mine at The New School, NYC in Geographic Information Systems. He’s definitively one of my ‘top 1%’ students- top notch across several dimensions. First, easily marries his data skills background to spatial technologies with both creativity and insight. Second, he is patient, diligent and attentive to details- but also has a keen focus on the larger purpose of his analysis and visualization work. Third, he is very focused and calm- very important characteristics for dealing with complex data and spatial problems. I recommend Hasin wholeheartedly and without reserve to what I know will be great opportunities due to both his skills and demeanor.

Kelly Ahn
Associate Dean, Columbia University
As Director of Career Services, I oversaw Hasin’s work for close to two years. He took the role as a Data Analyst for Career Services focusing on the First Destination Surveys for 5 distinct colleges which quickly expanded to supporting other departments, conducting internal and external assessments, service evaluations, data analytics, and reporting. Hasin’s exceptional work has been recognized by many of his peers and supervisors. He is a dedicated professional who exhibits excellent work ethic, problem-solving skills, creativity, collaborative spirits, and it is my pleasure to recommend Hasin.
Eric Alldritt
Salesforce Certified Administrator @ Talent Stacker
Hasin was my weekly mentor for the Springboard Data Analytics Career Track Bootcamp from February to July 2022. He would guide me along my journey of completing the Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp and every time I had met with him. He is an extremely intelligent in the field of Data Analytics. Everytime I had questions about anything, he always gave concise answers, along with recommendations on how I can further develop myself as a Data Analyst in the long run. I enjoyed working with him as he would always provide logical & actionable feedback everytime we met. I wish you the best Hasin!
Alena Yanovich
Product Designer, Best Buy
Hasin was my UX mentor at CareerFoundry. He helped me to develop such skills as prototyping, wireframing, user research, and more. Hasin is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced designer, whose versatile skill set and background in data analysis and coding made my UX course experience even more complex and rewarding. He is also a great listener and compassionate teacher. It was a pleasure to have such a mentor as Hasin!
Joseph Krainin, M.D., FAASM
I hired Hasin to build out a WordPress website for me. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and a great communicator. His response time to queries is amazing. He was very diligent and detail-oriented. He did a remarkably good job staying on track with the tight timeline that we had initially agreed upon.
Khoi D. Pham
Founder, Bella Communties

We are fortunate to have Hasin on the Advisory Council. He brings compassion, energy, drive and intelligence to the organization. He has a worldly view and travel experience and understands about community and economic development. Hasin has advised and consulted us on marketing plans, created marketing materials, and developed our website communications tool. Using his data analytics knowledge, he has also provided data structure to our performance measures.

Santhosh Srinivasan
UX Research Manager, Google

Hasin worked on a project for me looking into the influence and impact of our flagship research publication in the private sector. Hasin was a good team player and collaborator. One aspect that I particularly appreciated in Hasin was his communication. As the point person between Transparency International and the New School team on this project, he kept me adequately informed on the progress of the work. His style of strategic communication demonstrated his proactive disposition to making decisions along with his other team members rather than waiting for me for decision making.

Barry Barresi
CEO, Association Ventures
Hasin’s expertise in data analysis and research design was of critical value to our survey research project. He also showed great skill in data visualization and understanding how to “tell the story” of our project to a diverse audience of nonprofit executives.
John Cardillo
Assistant Director of Career Services NYU Tandon School of Engineering

It’s my pleasure to recommend Hasin as both a colleague and friend. He possesses the uncanny ability to design effective data-gathering instruments, analyze results, and deliver findings and recommendations that have a profound impact on the way a business operates. Additionally, Hasin is an excellent team mate and contributed to the overall success of our team in a positive and proactive manner. Any organization would be in an extremely advantageous position having him as an employee

Simon Henschel
Operations Manager Germany, The New Motion Deutschland GmbH

I had the great pleasure of working with Hasin at The New School. I came to know Hasin as a professional and insightful colleague. Hasin has been integral in supporting the development of he entrepreneurial landscape for students at The New School. His knowledge in data analysis and visualization helped the team understand the core outcomes of our project. It was a true pleasure to work with Hasin.

Jeeho Bae
Graduate Student, The New School
My colleague Hasin taught as a graduate teaching assistant for Quantitative Method course I took at the Milano School of The New School. His knowledge regarding statistics and statistic program such as Excel, SPSS, and R provided significant helps to the graduate students including myself for comprehending the concept of the course and statistics. Based on my experience with Hasin, I strongly endorse his experience and skill as a graduate teaching assistant.
Tyler Burton
Data Analyst, The Actors Fund

As a fellow graduate student at The New School I always enjoyed working with Hasin. He is completely dedicated to his crafts of data analysis and design. I found him to be an excellent group mate because he is highly organized and very timely in his work. On the process side of things, I found his willingness to listen and ask questions refreshing and I always trusted Hasin to be a partner in insightful conversation. I absolutely recommend him as an asset to any workplace.

Jennifer MacDonald
Director, Graduate Career Services, The New School
Wonderful colleague and a great team member! As our go-to data person, Hasin was extremely responsive to all data requests, willing to lend an expert hand whenever needed, and possessed of a keen sense of visual presentation.
Matt Amaral
Communications Manager, International Rescue Committee

I worked extensively with Hasin over the course of two semesters at the New School University on a practicum project with our client, Transparency International. Hasin proved to be crucial to the project’s success, overseeing much of the project’s design, communication, and research work. Hasin took the initiative on many ideas and was an absolute professional every step of the way. His ability to combine creative design skills to present research and data make him a unique asset on any team.

Peter Drummond
Account Supervisor, BerlinRosen
Hasin is the man when it comes to everything and anything one needs to know about computers. I cannot begin to count all of the times he was able to answer my questions regarding Word, Excel, PPT and every other program out there. He’s not only great at explaining things, but he has the patience and know-how to make even the most complicated problems seem simple. Hasin was also a great partner during our final project for graduate school. Always flexible, considerate and eager to lend a hand. I could not recommend a better co-worker or friend to have. He’s the type you want when deadlines are breathing down your neck because he always remains cool, calm and collected.
Heartie Look
Programming Manager, NationSwell
Hasin and I were partners on our final capstone project in which we analyzed the use and efficacy of Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Hasin is a very well organized and fast worker, a wizard of graphic design and information structure. He provided strong insight on stakeholder outreach strategy and execution. I would enjoy working with Hasin again in the future as he is a good team player who listens to feedback and group process while incorporating his own skills and direction.
Tet Lopez-Rabson
Associate Director, The New School
I worked with Hasin in a few survey research initiatives at The New School for about 18 months. I have always noted his willingness to help until things get done. He’s always open to discussing new ideas regarding data analysis and results presentation. When I approached him about creating a training content and being a co-trainer (Re: use of Qualtrics- a survey software), Hasin generously shared his knowledge and experience. This training involved various personnel across the university. Hasin is a hard worker. I know that he will make valuable contributions in any project that he’ll be involved in.
May Steinberg
Online Community Manager, Abortion Access Front
Hasin and I worked together within a group for our capstone project which spanned the last two semesters of our graduate program. He turned out to be one of the most important assets of our team as he designed a spectacular presentation that truly brought our research and findings to a whole new level. As I watched our audience while at the podium, it felt like seeing spectators at a stadium do “the wave” as each jaw dropped at the impressive slides. Beyond his design skills, Hasin continually proved his worth at every stage of our project whether it was through his ideas/analysis of research or his dedication to the team. He will be a superstar in whatever he chooses to do next.
Syed Mohsin
Teacher, Department of Education
Hasin and I worked together in Yunus Centre in 2014. He mainly worked in the business development team, where he was in charge of managing the conference guest list. He worked in the marketing and communications team, where he created marketing and promotional material for the website and social media channels. He also worked with the conference working committee, and was responsible for designing the entire backdrop/slideshow for the actual conference for Social Business Day, 2014. Beyond his responsibilities he was always very helpful and perceptive about the needs of his colleagues and the challenges of working in Yunus Centre.
Stephanie Grepo
Graduate Professor, The New School
Hasin was one of six students on a graduate-level practicum for Transparency International HQ. He was fully engaged throughout the process. His contributions ranged from designing and implementing an online survey to preparing the outline for the final report to preparing the visuals for the final presentation to TI. His contributions kept the team positive, productive and moving forward.
Ben Downing
Marketing Technology & Analytics, AT&T
Hasin was a huge help with marketing attribution and analytic efforts at OnDeck. He got up to speed on all our processes, data structures, and systems in a single day! I’ve also worked with Hasin on outreach and engagement campaigns for various non-profits and I’m always impressed with his insights and execution capabilities. Hasin would be a tremendous asset to any organization that is looking to leverage data and analytics to further its business goals.
Haley Baron
Associate, Market Insights, J.P. Morgan Asset Management ​
It was a pleasure to have worked with Hasin during his time as a Data Analyst at The New School. Hasin is truly talented when it comes to data and analytics. Working alongside him helped me increase my knowledge and understanding of data and reporting tools immensely.
Marisa LoBianco
Senior Director, Career Services, The New School
Hasin and I have worked together for the last year and a half and I have had only positive experiences working with him. He takes the work he does seriously and is always able to heed my data requests in a timely, consistent and thorough manner. He often fulfills requests ahead of schedule, thus making everyone else’s job a lot smoother and therefore contributing to the success and efficiency of the entire office operation. To boot, he is friendly and always makes himself accessible and open to helping in ways that go beyond his formal role. It is a pleasure working alongside Hasin and he is an asset to any office.
Alexandra Smith-O'Connor
Key Client Manager, PYXERA Global
Hasin was a tremendous asset and a leader on our capstone project for Transparency International. He took initiative, was a dedicated team member, and created highly professional power point presentations that clearly synthesized the broad scope of our project. It was a pleasure learning and working with Hasin throughout our year long capstone.
Lauren Katz
Growth Marketing, Universal Yums
Hasin was a welcomed and essential addition to the Marketing team during the time that he worked at OnDeck. His technical abilities, understanding of databases and systems, ability to learn and adapt fast made him indispensable to the projects we were working on. I thoroughly enjoyed managing Hasin and appreciated all of his contributions. His work was critical in completing high level company initiatives. I highly recommend Hasin as a member of any team.
Shawna Motley
Marketing Strategy Productions, The Madison Square Garden Company
This past winter (Dec 2016) I had the pleasure of working with Hasin at our Startupbootcamp FinTech New York Holiday Hackathon *powered by AARP. Hasin volunteer hosted the two day event presenting Startupbootcamp New York to a total of over 100 fintech coders, mentors, sponsors and partners. Hasin was able to effortlessly engage the audience of hackers with his lively presence, as well as professionally introduce some of Startupbootcamp New York’s most important hackathon sponsors including: AARP, BBVA API Markets, Xignite etc. It was a pleasure working with Hasin. Thank you Hasin for all of your help with the event!
Ar Adler
Senior Student Success Advisor, The New school
I recommend Hasin Ahmed without reservation. He is the consummate colleague and team member with the requisite leadership skills to spearhead any initiative. His ability to parse and visualize meaningful data, to understand objectives and design strategies to illustrate outcomes for program assessment is unparalleled. First and foremost, he is an intelligent, knowledgable and reliable contributor who would surely be an invaluable addition to any organization. Working with him has truly been a delight.
Wanda Chen
Senior Academic Advisor, Lehman College
Hasin has been a great colleague since I started at The New School a year ago. Whenever I have a question for him -whether it be about the data collected for an event, or about creating an effective newsletter campaign-not only is he able to provide me with the answers, but he also shows his proactive and eager attitude when approached with such questions. CREATIVE. ANALYTICAL. ASSIDUOUS. I am confident that he would be able to thrive in any work environment as he goes beyond his job description and beyond what is expected of him in his role!
Colin R. O'Leary
Founder, Colin R. O’Leary Properties LLC

I have studied at Pace University with Hasin for the past two years. I have worked with him as a student leader at Pace University. He has outstanding character and is committed to community service. Every time I see Hasin, he is doing something to better the community and help others. The world needs more people like Hasin!

Ashley Kuenneke
Outreach Coordinator, Partnerships for Parks
It is rare to find a student as motivated and hardworking as Hasin. I supervised Hasin in his capacity as Student Outreach Coordinator over the last year, during which time he expertly planned and supervised several service events for students at Pace University, in addition to managing the CCAR’s biweekly newsletter, organizing and leading a discussion on food justice, and co-supervising many Center events. Hasin’s responsibility, dedication to civic engagement, and leadership skills are exceptional, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Kumesh Aroomoogan
Co-founder and CEO, Accern
Hasin is both a friend and a business partner to me. This guy could impress anyone with his tremendous work experiences he had gain in the past few years. He would work internships after internships and even had time to participate in campus activities while maintaining his GPA. Hasin worked with me on a start-up fitness company and he would always be punctual. His videos and photography skills are impressive and I would recommend Hasin to anyone out there.