A Single Document to Synchronize the Efforts of All Our Diverse Departments

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A Single Document to Synchronize the Efforts of All Our Diverse Departments

Fostered a tradition of seamless transitions by implementing comprehensive feature requirements handoff documentation, detailing every facet of a feature launch for our design, engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing teams.

The Challenge
The intricate aspects of software development present challenges in conveying subtle details solely through static product imagery.
Problem Discovery
Pinpointed critical communication breakdowns within the organization’s operational procedures by conducting interviews and analyzing our team’s interactions on Slack and email.
The Goal
A single source of truth – Keep a detailed log of our product launches and the enhancements to current features as they occur.

About the Company

Baton specializes in managing and automating software implementation processes. They offer an all-in-one tool designed to streamline the critical phase of customer journey, particularly in software implementations. Their approach includes project administration automation, client engagement, and acceleration of a repeatable implementation process

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