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Hasin is a globally-minded multidisciplinary creative technologist & educator based in New York City.

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Learn about cities from around the world.

I was responsible for redesigning the user experience based on feedback from 100+ users through social listening, surveys, and contextual interviews.
Lead Designer
The app originally started out as a content project, where we recommended different under the radar destinations to the users. At the moment, the app also allows users to request custom itinerary for a nominal fee.
Various animations were incorporated in the recent iteration of the design to create a sense of movement through motion. You can see the example of some of the motion graphics here.

About the Company

Burdie.co is a dynamic travel service that provides travelers all over the world with curated information about popular and under-the-radar destinations. We believe in spontaneity. We thrive in the unknown. Pick a place, buy a ticket, book one night, GO. Don’t think so much.That’s why Burdie presents you only the most essential information about your destination in one place.

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