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Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial is a visitor center that showcases the events leading up to the 1994 genocide.

I had the opportunity to work with the organization on an exciting project that involved creating new data capture strategies, online user engagement strategies, and CRM development.

I worked on this project with Foossa, a creative agency based in New York City. I was responsible for the overall project management and execution alongside Lee-Sean Huang.

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Manual data collection processes led to low online engagement post memorial visit.


Streamline offline and online data capture strategies to increase visitor engagement and donations over time.


I developed a new data collection flow that factored in both the online and the offline visitors for the organization’s customer relationship management application, which at the time was Infusionsoft. The goal here was to aggregate both online and offline visitor’s data under the same database. Additionally, we created labels and logic to map out the automated email drip campaign highlighting the key online engagement opportunities for the memorial visitor, which included the option for donating to the memorial on a one-time basis or monthly basis.


I developed the strategy for a data-driven newsletter that showcased information based on customer relationship management database parameters. One of the main parameters is the amount of money that a donor has donated so far. This gives the newsletter an added level of personalization, especially for the recurring donor segment.

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