Lack of Dynamic Displays of NYC Subway System

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Lack of Dynamic Displays of NYC Subway System

An academic project exploring the extensive guide that unravels the complexities of the New York City subway system. Uncover its historical background, operational details, recent developments, and significant aspects affecting the user experience.

NYC’s subway is one of the world’s most extensive, with 469 stations and 24 lines, boasting an annual ridership of 1.7 billion in 2015.
The project outlines the subway’s historical development and key events shaping its current structure, ranking as the fourth largest globally at 33 miles.
Commuters face issues due to the system’s age and design, particularly with unclear signage and cluttered displays, leading to information overload. Proposals include improved signage and multilingual support.

About the Company

Issues with NYC’s subway arise from its age and design, notably the confusing and overcrowded signage. This project suggests clearer, multilingual signs to improve navigation and user experience.

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