AI-Driven Disinformation Data Exploration Platform

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Hasin is a globally-minded multidisciplinary creative technologist & educator based in New York City.

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AI-Driven Disinformation Data Exploration Platform

Discover fake news platforms with the aid of artificial intelligence & machine learning.

End-to-End Designer
I worked with the CTO and team to research, define requirements and KPIs, and create a front-end prototype.
Identified KPI
Enabling brand managers to identify fake news using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.
Advanced Prototyping
Created a sophisticated prototype in Axure showcasing essential UI interactions and data models.

Explore Webpages & Annotated Display Ads

Brand mangers can easily identify website that are displaying their paid search ads.

Identify Trending Global News Topic

Filter results by specific time period ranges.

About the Company

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a pioneering initiative aimed at combating the spread of disinformation online. Established as a non-profit organization, GDI’s mission is to disrupt the business model that fuels the creation and dissemination of disinformation on the internet.

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