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A millennial-focused subscription service for feminine products sold by one of the largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) company. This is a prototyping project that I was part of during my time at Cefriel, which is a global digital innovation consulting company based out of Milan with offices in New York City and London.

I was the only prototype developer on a team of four, which included two other designers. Furthermore, I worked closely with the project manager and the creative director at the client HQ to deliver the project on time.

In addition, I was also responsible for developing UX research questions and conducting interviews in person and remotely.

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Design an iOS app prototype that leverages dynamic data inputs from the test users. Lo-fidelity static invision-based prototypes were unable to simulate a proper end-user experience, especially for product browsing and the checkout experience.


Developed a high-fidelity Axure-based prototype that simulates a dynamic data-driven checkout experience. I used a static database that contained the full product line and used this data to create a UI that changed based on the user-selected products, similar to single-page applications.


Users can choose between three different subscription packages and select a specific number of products, which depends on the type of subscription.

Users can easily explore all 60+ different products that fall under feminine care category within the same screen and add products to their checkout cart without exiting the exploration page.


I was responsible for the initial wireframing of the solution, which was based on design thinking session with our client at their HQ. In the design thinking workshop, tools such as empathy maps, affinity diagrams, business model canvas, etc. were used to order unstructured research data and information.


Users can see their shopping cart being updated, as they add products to their cart. Moreover, they also receive notifications if they have selected too many products than what their package permits. All of this UI feedback is handled without the need of having a backend database.

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