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Hasin is a globally-minded multidisciplinary creative technologist & educator based in New York City 🗽.

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Website Design & Development

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It Is Never Too Late to Join the Digital World. Are You Ready to Get Started?

A fully functional website is a must-have asset for any business regardless of what you are selling and who you are selling to. 35% of all Google searches are for products and services. Therefore, it is imperative at least to have a website that communicates your business’s offering.

First impressions do matter, often your website is the very first touchpoint with potential customers and your business’ reputation depends on the speed of the website, clarity of the information, and most importantly whether or not your website is functioning properly. A broken website link or slow-loading pages, in addition to poor information design or complicated site navigation, can potentially turn off future customers.

Current State of Our Digital World

Key industry statistics at a glance.
Google Dominates the Market
Daily Searches Generated
2.5 B+
Global Search Market Dominance
75 %
Searching for Products
34 %

What You Will Get

Overview of the key service offerings.

Custom Design

No cookie cutter themes here. You will get a fully custom responsive front-end design and user experience  that reflects your business’ brand identity, philosophy, and culture. 

SEO Optimization

Having a beautiful design is not enough. The words on the website also matter and your website needs to show up on google searches. I will make sure the copy of the website is SEO Friendly.

Technical support

You will have full technical support from the setup of hosting, domain, SSL certificates, to your payment gateway setup, if you plan to accept credit and debit payments on your site.

Packages & Timeline

All packages include research, design, and development phases. The price of the entire project depends on the complexity of the website and the technology stack that we want to use. These factors will be discusses throughly prior to the start of the project and we will define the requirements and the end goal of the project together as well.

Single Page Website

2 Weeks

5+ pages

3-4 Weeks

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