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Research Design & Analysis

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Interested in Gaining Deeper Insights Into Your Customer's Preferences?

Research can help you develop a deeper understanding of your business and the customers that you serve. The right information can help you discover new opportunities, learn about problems that you are not aware of, or create deeper connections with your customers. The possibilities are endless as long as you take the initiative to get started. 

At present, there are many ways to learn more about your customers. You don’t necessarily need complicated survey software to execute your research. For example, Instagram offers features that allow businesses to create simple survey questionnaires, which can be a great place to learn more from your existing customers or followers. This is one of many simple ways that you can leverage your existing customers to learn more.

What You Will Get

Overview of the key service offerings.

Research Design

We will define the research objectives together and se the foundation for our learning objectives. Understand the reasoning behind questions that we want to ask and list out any hypothesis that are prompting for further investigation.

Data Analysis

Conduct thorough data analysis of the survey results or interviews, including cross-tabulation of results across your different customer segments or user groups.


A fully digestible research report that you can share with your team, which contains detailed survey analysis, interview analysis, identification of growth opportunities, and further research recommendations.

Timeline & Methodology

Here is a typical timeline of a research project that has a turnaround time of about 6 weeks. We can also breakdown the process in three distinct phases. Phase one’s focus is on designing the research and setting the foundation. Phase two is dedicated to launching the survey, gathering data, and making sure that we meet our target response rate. Finally, phase three is dedicated to analyzing the outcomes. Please note that this timeline can be adapted to your business needs.

Week 1

Research Design

Week 2

Survey Design

Week 3-4

Data Collection

Week 4-5

Data Analysis

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