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Instagram Content Strategy & Management

Please schedule an exploration call with me if you would like to learn more.

Is your organization one of the 25 million business profiles already thriving on Instagram?

Instagram has become an essential part of your brand due to its 1 billion-plus users that it currently has. Instagram can be a great platform to connect with new customers and also re-engage with existing customers since it is likely that they are already using Instagram, as it is estimated that 37% of the US adult population is actively using Instagram.

Does your business fall under the 25 million business accounts that already exist on Instagram? If the answer is no or you have tried to use Instagram and haven’t been able to extract any growth out of it then schedule an exploration call with me to learn more about my Instagram content strategy & management services.

Let's Look at the User Statistics for Instagram

Key market statistics at a glance.

Monthly Active Users
1 B+
Users in USA
118 M
US Adults are on IG
35 %
Business Accounts
20 M
Monthly Advertisers
2 M
US Businesses are on IG
75 %

What You Will Get

Overview of the key service offerings.

content calendar

You will be presented with a monthly content calendar, which will give you an overview of all the posts in a month even before they are published.


A custom dashboard to track the progress of your account. You will know what posts are doing well, follower growth and identify growth opportunities through data.

Strategy sessions

You will have two strategy sessions with me per month, which we will use to learn more about your ideas and review our performance.

Packages Cost

The price of the packages depends on your account’s custom strategy, the number of posts that you want to publish, post type (images, videos, stories, guides), and engagement level (liking, commenting on posts, and answering DM’s). Discounts are available for long-term clients that sign up for quarterly and bi-annual packages.



Quarterly 10% off


Bi-Annually 15% Off


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