Burdie.co is a dynamic travel service that provides travelers all over the world with curated information about popular and under-the-radar destinations.

I co-founded burdie.co with Samiha Ahmed in 2018 and since then the web app has seen users from over 100+ countries around the world.

The app originally started out as a content project, where we recommended different under the radar destinations to the users. At the moment, the app also allows users to request custom itinerary for a nominal fee.

Since its inception, I have served as the lead designer and developer for burdie.co.

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The following brand colors were selected to develop an identity that stands out in the travel industry market. The bold colors were especially prominent on our Instagram content, which became our main user acquisition source.

rgb(255, 236, 110)

rgb(35, 0, 255)

rgb(33, 33, 33)


Travel is about movement, going to new places, discovering new places, and most importantly experiencing something new. Various animations were incorporated in the recent iteration of the design to create a sense of movement through motion. You can see the example of some of the motion graphics here.


Initial growth of the app came through the brands social media pages, including Instagram and Linkedin. I was responsible for ideating and designing short form advertisement that ran across instagram stories and the feed. Here are a few examples.