Who is Hasin

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Who is Hasin?

Let's try to understand.

The Boring But Effective Answer is...

I am a designer, researcher, educator, developer, data analyst, marketer, photographer, traveler, musician (working on it).

1991 – Present...

I was born in Bangladesh and moved to the NYC when I was 13 and started working at the age 17.

Product of Globalization.

I somehow always felt very American, as I grew up watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Multidisciplinary Education.

My academic background includes an undergrad degree in business and a grad degree in economics from an art & design school.

Data Analyst.

I started my technology career as a Data Analyst before evolving into a multidisciplinary designer.

Cricket is life!

My passion for statistics began at an early age, as I fell in love with cricket, a highly calculative team-based sport.

Turned Pro!​

After grad school, I became a Design Strategist, worked with clients such as P&G, United Rentals, Campbell’s Soup, Rwandan Governance board, etc.

NYC Startup Scene.

Launched my own ventures, scaled a telehealth startup to 13 states, designed an analytics software for the adtech industry.

At Present...

I am at the head of product design at Baton, where my team and I are designing a project management software.

Well Diversified.

I have worked with corporations that have market capitalization of $0 – $348.71B, non-profits and governmental organizations across the globe.

Creative Educator!​

I teach economics, strategic thinking, data analytics, product design. My students have closed around $4.1 Million in cumulative annual salaries in the last 4 years.

I am an Explorer.

I have traveled to 40+ countries, across 6 continents. I can verbally communicate with over 2.7 Billion people.

I am Happy!​

I really love working. I found my passions through creative explorations.

I Love Exploring Life! ​

My first 32 years have taught me to learn consistently. This is the core mindset that I bring to any creative endeavor and my teaching.

Thank You!

Appreciate the time you took to listen 🙂