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Rwanda Transformation

A showcase of stories, policies, and programs that are fueling Rwanda’s transformation journey. This was a prototype project for the Rwandan Governance Board.

I worked on this project with Foossa, a creative agency based in New York City. I was responsible for the overall project management and executing the creative direction alongside Lee-Sean Huang.

The end product was a prototype version of a fully interactive website.

This is a password-protected project. Email Me to learn more and we can schedule a meeting to showcase the website.


The brand colors were chosen to reflect the flag of Rwanda. The blue color here represents happiness and peace, the yellow color represents economic development and the green color represents hope for prosperity.

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I was responsible for creating a high-level information architecture that served as the foundation for the development of a fully functional prototype, which took around 3 months to complete.


Two interactive case study prototypes were designed and developed, which included data visualization, a short documentary, individual testimonials from the benefactors of the social programs. See below for an example of the data visualizations, which were created using HTML, CSS, and JS, as they needed to be responsive for smaller screens such as tablets, and mobile devices.



We took a storytelling approach to communicate complex governmental programs. The data visualization provided a result-driven understanding of the programs. The individual stories of the community health workers help the readers further understand the importance of these programs.

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