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Mr. unemployed

This is my very first portfolio that showcased my design and development work. During initial research, I found that most portfolios or personal websites are very static, one-dimensional, and rather boring.

Therefore, my goal for this project was to design an interactive digital avatar of myself that can talk and has a sense of humor. I decided to name the character mr. unemployed, as I was actually unemployed at the launch of this site and it became a direct way to communicate with future employers that I am available for new opportunities.

I created a gamified environment where users can roam around and learn about the different aspects of my professional and personal life.

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The following brand colors were used to communicate mr. unemployed colorful personality and witty nature. 



rgb(34, 125, 194)



Capturing the user events from mouse clicks, mouse hovers, keyboard key presses were a big part of this project, as it allowed users to interact with mr. unemployed and learn more about him and his personality.


A d-pad is present on every page to simulate a gaming style experience for the users along with svg graphics that scale beautifully across screens of different sizes, from mobile devices to all the way to 4k resolution monitors.

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