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Modern MIGraine MD

Modern Migraine MD brings doctors and patients together using telemedicine for migraine treatment. Founded in 2019 and currently seeing patients in New York, California, Florida, Ohio, and Colorado.

I have taken this business from zero to getting it’s first customer. I have worked closely with the founder of the startup, Dr. Risa Ravitz for over a year. I was responsible for designing & developing the website, digital advertising through Google search ads & instagram ads. 

At the moment, I am executing Modern Migraine MD’s overall digital strategy, which includes SEO, SEM, blog content, social content, and social media management. 

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The following analogous color scheme was implemented to communicate a sense of calmness towards the users, as our target clientele are individuals that suffer from chronic migraines & headaches.





Dr. Ravitz came to me with a static mockup/wireframe of the website, which was then designed & developed by me. The creative brief was to design a UI that is sleek, minimal, and has muted colors. 


I was responsible for redesigning the website UX based and the service offering based on feedback from 100+ users through surveys, interviews and social listening.

mmmd persona 1
Maggy Rogers, 34
Account Manager

“I don’t like going to emergency rooms. I want to see a doctor from home on the weekend at my own schedule.”

Richard Grey, 46
University Professor

“I suffer from chronic migraines and I want to have access to my doctor via text message or email. I also don’t want to wait weeks at a time to just schedule an appointment.”

Michelle Lu, 28
Fitness Coach

“Headaches and migraines really interfere with my work as a fitness coach and I want to have the option to speak to my doctor without schedule an appointment.”


I am responsible for managing the brand’s Instagram account and ideating new content to increase our audience reach. On average, all of our posts get around 900+ account reach and 50% of the accounts are not direct followers, meaning they find the post through hashtags, reshares, and explore page.

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